Achievement Hunter, has served as one of Rooster Teeth's longest-standing pillars of content since 2008. What began as a resource for helping its audience navigate challenges in a wide variety of video games has since evolved into a household name among the gaming community. AH has become globally renowned for its personable cast and comedic commentary.
Creative direction for the A-Pop! collection is derived from the bright, wacky, and playful nature seen throughout the AH cast's personalities and their dynamics. Each A-Pop! character's design is riddled with easter eggs from past and current AH content, and serves as representations of the chaotic but hilarious madness that ensues throughout the brand's content.
Visual inspiration comes from iconic Korean and Japanese brands whose visual language is defined by a similar bold and colorful playfulness, also embodied by the AH team (Samyang, Line Friends, Bape, Kakkao Friends, Sanrio, etc.). Details such as woven tags, custom dyed/sublimated/cut&sew garments, accompanied by embroidered details and unorthodox applications like puff printing further elevate the collection.

Additionally, we developed plushes of each character to be debuted at Rooster Teeth's annual convention, RTX, where they sold out almost completely within the first two days.
Art Direction, Apparel Design, Technical Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Product Development
Below are the technical designs I created for our printers and manufacturers to start the development process. It is imperative that every detail be specified in order to minimize sampling period and stay within our projected merchandising timeline.

Once received by the printer / manufacturer, the sampling phase begins and we work closely with them to ensure quality across all design elements and details. This includes overall fit of garments, quality of graphic elements, accuracy for cosmetic details as well as correct material.

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