Rooster Teeth's original animated show, RWBY, has gained international popularity over the years and has since become a vital component to the Rooster Teeth brand. This specific collection revolves around one of the four main characters from the show's namesake, Blake Belladonna. The goal for this project was to communicate a more sophisticated tone through use of custom cut&sew styles and elevated details such as woven tags, unorthodox print locations & sizes, and a further exploration into new materials.

Design elements such as Blake's emblem, the use of purple, black, and white, an illustration of Blake and her weapon, and much more aid in anchoring this collection to the RWBY universe. However, more subliminal design decisions such as material selection, printing technique, visual hierarchy and composition reflect the essence of Blake's character.

The decision to use purple comes from Blake's outfit, as well as her aura and namesake. The oversized print on the dark gray shirt from this collection, named 'Shadows', is a representation of Blake's presence in the show-- she plays an integral role as a key member of her team, yet her personality is often received as reserved when we are first introduced to her. As we learn more about her character and her background, we discover she has a brilliant resolve and passion for standing up to injustice and does so through actions of intention and purpose. The large print resembles her ability to stand up for her beliefs and her will to fight. However, the muted color of the print visually and symbolically balances the composition and alludes to her initial desire to hide her past, as well as her stealthy and cunning fighting style.
Art Direction, Apparel Design, Technical Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Product Development
Below are the technical designs I created for our printers and manufacturers to start the development process. It is imperative that every detail be specified in order to minimize sampling period and stay within our projected merchandising timeline.

Once received by the printer / manufacturer, the sampling phase begins and we work closely with them to ensure quality across all design elements and details. This includes overall fit of garments, quality of graphic elements, accuracy for cosmetic details as well as correct material.

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