Rooster Teeth's original animated show, RWBY, has gained international popularity over the years and has since become a vital component to the Rooster Teeth brand. This specific collection revolves around one of the four main characters from the show's namesake, Weiss Schnee. The goal for this project was to communicate a more sophisticated tone through use of custom cut&sew styles and elevated details such as woven tags, reflective materials, unorthodox print locations, and a new venture into custom jewelry.

Rediscover the person we've watched evolve from lonely, defiant heiress, to considerate and loyal friend through a reimagined visual story that comes together to form this edition of the RWBY: Streetwear collection.

Design elements such as implementation of the filigree found throughout Schnee Manor, and Weiss's semblance glyph (seen in episodes when summoning her familiars, such as the Arma Gigas) help define this visual language. More subliminal design decisions, such as color scheme, and asymmetrical graphic placement upon symmetrical garments reflect Weiss's internal struggle to discover her individuality within the constraints of being born into the Schnee family name.

Art Direction, Apparel Design, Technical Design, Product Development
Product Photography: Wes Ellis
Below are the technical designs I created for our printers and manufacturers to start the development process. It is imperative that every detail be specified in order to minimize sampling period and stay within our projected merchandising timeline.

Once received by the printer / manufacturer, the sampling phase begins and we work closely with them to ensure quality across all design elements and details. This includes overall fit of garments, quality of graphic elements, accuracy for cosmetic details as well as correct material.

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