The Achieve Athletics II collection, internally named "ACHIEVE: Mint," was our first expansion within the ACHIEVE athletics series. Each iteration is designed with growth in mind. We want this brand to flourish, so capitalizing on evergreen silhouettes while still leveraging new and more experimental styles with every capsule collection is key in its development as a successful apparel line.
The ACHIEVE lifestyle brand has become Rooster Teeth's prime avenue for experimentation and exploration within its marketing and product design teams. Each collection focuses on using premium materials, unconventional treatments, and refined details to provide an exclusive concept-driven product line.
our opportunity to dive into the world of athleisure, where activewear and loungewear meet--this was an avenue I'd been eagerly pressing the team to explore, and a few months prior to this collection, we actually dipped our toes into athletic wear with a much smaller drop. Featuring a tech-fleece hoodie, moisture-wicking shirt, and custom basketball shorts, the experiment paid off, and In response, I was given the green light to design a fully fleshed-out athleisure collection under the ACHIEVE brand.
The collection performed better than we could imagine with an immediate sellout of multiple items upon their release date, as well as another sellout after a restock the following week.

Apparel Design, Technical Design, Logo Design, Product Development
Product Photography: Wes Ellis

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